Netcetera 3DS Server 2 SaaS Documentation

Current features

  • 3DS Server API
    • Versioning
    • Authentication Request creation
    • Authentication Response validation
    • Handle Challenge Cancelled (in case when 3DS Requestor opted out of the challenge)
    • Send Results Response to Requestor upon receiving Results Request
    • Validate final Challenge Response from the ACS
  • Integration via web-services
    • Accept JSON POST parameters
    • Return JSON message
  • 3DS Protocol Message logging
    • Log in filesystem
    • Log in database
  • Cluster setup support with session replication
  • Performance and failure statistics
  • 3DS Server Admin Web Application
    • Configuration across instances
    • Collect statistics from 3DS Server instances
    • 3DS Server Transactions Search

Components Overview

3DS Server SaaS Components Overview